Kurupati Dwaraanath Row

KURUPATI DWARAKANATH ROW, joined Air India as a Management Officer in November 1978. He spent 35 years with Air India, and just retired as Executive Director. During his long stint with the travel industry makes him a leader with wisdom.  His experience of leading Air India & Indian Airlines helped him ground shared vision into the DNA of those organizations.


Served in senior leadership roles in various capacities within the country and abroad. Being at the helm of affairs, Row was able to quickly understand the big picture, understand the talent gaps and quickly plug them to build effective operations across the functions lead by him.


During the years 2003-2006, was Air India’s delegate to the BAR India (Board of Airline

Representatives) and was the Secretary to the various committees, under its auspices.

He was Chairman of the Board of Airline Representatives in India, from February 2011 till

31 Mar 2012. BAR is the representative voice of all carriers operating in India and interacts

with the Government, Regulatory Authorities/Airports and other statutory bodies.


He was appointed by the Governor of Goa as Chairman of Goa Public Service Commission on 4th March, 2013. This high Constitutional Body is appointed under Article 315 of Constitution of India and reports to the President of India.

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Global GSA Services team is already in planning to get in touch with one of the well reputed and established airline / GHA to have Joint Venture to establish GHA in Pakistan on JV basis. We are very much confident that with support of chosen partner we can establish GHA - Middle East and/or in Pakistan and our financial team confirms that it will be a win win project. (previously it was written Pakistan only now make it as above Middle East and /or Pakistan).